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Sewer Camera Inspection

The plumbing and drainage systems are considered one of the most essential systems in every home. That being said, to keep them working in good condition and hassle-free, regular inspection is needed to avoid water wastage, water contamination and drain blockage. So how will you know if your sewer and pipeline systems will not encounter any of these problems in the future? Sewer camera inspections makes it easier for plumbers to inspect sewer lines and give accurate information to their customers. Contact us at (866) 980-2873 for a sewer inspection estimate.

What is a sewer camera inspection?

Sewer camera inspection is a technique done to check the condition of your plumbing and drainage systems that involves the use of a specially designed waterproof video camera. This is a helpful tool for plumbing technicians in conducting their visual inspections of sewer lines and other underground pipes that include pipes under your home’s foundation. Since sewer repair and pipe replacements could entail a lot of hard work and money, it’s important that the homeowner knows exactly what the problem is and where it’s located.

The procedure is initially done by inserting a snake-like cable with a tiny, flexible camera into the sewer line. The camera is high-resolution and since it is flexible, it can travel through twists and turns in the sewer pipe thoroughly, examining the pipes and its walls in drain lines. A video footage is produced and transmitted in real-time, so the plumber can determine the location of the blockage and what work needs to be done and fix it,


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  • Tree roots. It can infiltrate old pipes that are made of clay, cast iron or other porous materials. Tree root infiltration happens when the roots seek out sources of water. Any crack present in the pipe will cause the roots to grow into it and get the water inside.
  • Broken cracked/collapsed pipes. Since the camera travels through the pipe itself, the plumber will be able to tell if it is a cracked, broken or collapsed pipe.
  • Major blockages. This may include build up of grease, paper and gunk.
  • Sewer lines that are sagging. Sagging sewer pipes will cause blockages because the waste accumulates in the bellied section of the pipe.

If you have yearly camera inspections in your drain and sewer lines, this can help you prevent major plumbing issues from happening. It will also ensure that plumbing technicians are being honest and reliable.

By preventing future plumbing issues, this will in turn save you money, time and hassle that guarantee you any developing problems will be caught on time.

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