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Suspect a Leak?

What Are Common Signs of Leaks?

A leak within your plumbing system, small or large, can often be overlooked which will lead to a more expensive repair job the more you ignore the issue. Here are some signs that you have may have a leak:

Dripping sounds within your home, even when the water is off, Unusually high water bills, Noticeable mold growing, Obvious damage to your walls (wet spots)

Where Do Leaks Come From?

When it comes to residential leaks, you can often find the source in areas such as:

  • Gutters
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Toilets
  • Water heaters

Reach out to a plumbing company if you suspect you have a leak and are having trouble finding it.


Need Emergency Service?

If you’re in need of emergency Leak Detection and Repair service, please call us and request emergency service!

If you’re looking for the best leak detection experts in the Tampa and surrounding areas, call United Plumbing & Drain at (866) 980-2873. We’ll provide fast and quality leak detection and repair service. Our plumbers are trained in the best leak detection methods that can be carried out in a timely and affordable fashion. Whether you see obvious puddles of water throughout your property, or suspect you have a leak due to increased water bills, you can count on us to find, fix, and ensure the longevity of your repair!

Leak Detection plumbers

Having a leak in your slab can damage the foundation of your building, and if ignored, can lead to HUGE repair jobs that will cost money and cause more headaches.

Slabs can begin to leak if the water or sewer lines, which run beneath the slab, have cracks or holes in them.

This can occur due to corrosion, extreme weather which moves the slabs, or poor plumbing installation.

Slab Leak Detection plumbers

Whether your building is old or new, pipe leaks can occur for a multitude of reasons and if left untouched, can cause your pipes to burst which can seriously damage your building.

Finding the source of the leak isn’t always an easy task. This is why local home owners have trusted United Plumbing & Drain since 2007 to find exactly which pipe has a leak, and to come up with a solution.

Determining where the leak is coming from is one thing, being able to fix it properly is another. Sometimes it’s a loose joint, other times it’s a crack or hole, but no matter what the problem is, you can count on our team to resolve any and all leaks throughout your home.

Whether you have a slab leak, pipe leak, or bursting pipe, you can rely on the plumbers at United Plumbing & Drain to get you a fast and long-lasting repair solution!

Why Choose United Plumbing & Drain?

How Much Can I Expect to Pay for Leak Detection and Repair?

At United Plumbing & Drain we’ll go out to your home or business, give you an exact quote and details as to what the job will include for a flat service fee of $99. However, this fee is waived if you decide to have us hired for the job!

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* United Plumbing & Drain charges a $99.00 Service Fee. We use this fee to help hold the available time frames. Pay for the Technician’s time and gas and expertise to diagnose the problems.

We must make sure we collect and send quotes, if we do not do the work. We will honor & waive the service charge if you book within 48 hrs from 1st visit.

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