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Residential Plumbing Service in Tampa, FL

Residential Service

Our team at United Plumbing & Drain is committed to providing the best plumbing service available for the Tampa community. When you’re feeling stuck, call the best and flush the rest at (866) 980-2873


Have a stubborn blockage in your sewer or drain line? Roots, debris and grease are the most common culprits of a clogged pipe. Ask our team to provide hydro jetting service to restore your pipes!

Our plumbers are well versed in the best drain cleaning practices. We’ll provide a safe and reliable solution to any drain blockages. Contact us today for a professional drain cleaning estimate.

If you have a broken toilet or a toilet that is not in good working condition, contact us for toilet repair and replacement.  We offer prompt service.

If you’re having problems with your kitchen faucet or sink you can give us a call and we’ll send over a plumber to diagnose the problem, and provide a reasonable solution.

We’ll provide fast and quality leak detection and repair service. Our plumbers are trained in the best leak detection methods that can be carried out in a timely and affordable fashion.

If you’re looking to install a brand new water heater you can rely on our plumbing team at United Plumbing & Drain. We will replace your water heater promptly and affordably.