Commercial Plumbing Service in Tampa, FL


Commercial Plumbing Service

The plumbing system in business establishments  such as high-rise offices and other structures generally require more work than fixing plumbing fixtures at home. This is because they are designed to accommodate many users at the same time so plumbing problems can be disastrous. Your business, customers and workers may be greatly affected with something as simple as a leak or a clogged pipe. How do you prevent this from happening? Hire United Plumbing & Drain as your commercial plumbers in Tampa!

Commercial plumbing focuses on the installation, repair and maintenance of extensive waste removal and water supply systems for different forms of businesses. Oftentimes you’ll require more pipes, faucets, toilets, showers and heating systems. Because the space requires more plumbing fixtures, the scope of work is more extensive and maintenance is often done during off-hours to avoid any disturbance to regular business operations.

Why Hire Commercial Plumbers?

For commercial plumbing systems to function continuously and effectively, frequent schedules of checks from commercial plumbers are required. That’s why it is important to choose plumbers who are experienced, fully licensed and insured in offering solutions to the many challenges commercial spaces face when dealing with major plumbing issues.

Our main priority is to ensure that a commercial building is provided with functional water supply and efficient waste drainage lines. The structure’s piping system should have a link to the local water main and sewage system.

Commercial Drain Repair

Our commercial drain repair ensures the utmost caution and delicacy to ensure convenience is restored to all users. Whether you have a bursting pipe or leak you can rely on our team of plumbers to solve the problem. We work with restaurants, convenient stores, and all other spaces to provide the best drain restoration service in Tampa, FL.

Commercial Sewer Repair

If your sewer line is producing a foul odor, or you notice your plumbing fixtures are backed up, it might be time to call the sewer experts at United Plumbing & Drain. If you have a large backup of sewer waste, you can rely on our hydro jetting service to unclog your line. If you have a leaking pipe you can rely on our sewer repair service (traditional or trenchless). Whatever the problem is, call us at (866) 980-2873 for a professional estimate! 

Commercial Water Heater Repair

It is not simple to repair a water heating problem that occurs in commercial spaces. Commercial plumbing will still keep the services of water heating for the occupants of the building even while repairing the problem.

What Spaces Do We Work With?

United Plumbing & Drain serves all types of commercial spaces. We have all the necessary equipment and training to serve the following commercial locations:

  •         Restaurants and bars
  •         Hotels, motels and resorts
  •         Hospitals and Health clinics
  •         Business establishments
  •         Sports arenas and venues
  •         Nursing homes
  •         Schools & etc.

Why Call United Plumbing & Drain?

If you are a business owner in Tampa, FL that needs commercial plumbing service in your business establishment, we at United Plumbing & Drain know how important your business is. We value your time to continue operations even if there are plumbing issues in your commercial property hence, we aim to provide you with top quality service that will get your commercial establishments up and running in no time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


At United Plumbing & Drain we’ll go out to your home or business, give you an exact quote and details as to what the job will include for a flat service fee of $79. This fee is waived if you decide to hire us!  

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* United Plumbing & Drain charges a $79.00 Service Fee. We use this fee to help hold the available time frames. Pay for the Technician’s time and gas and expertise to diagnose the problems. 

We must make sure we collect and send quotes, if we do not do the work. We will honor & waive the service charge if you book within 48 hrs from 1st visit.