The toilet is the most commonly used piece of sanitary hardware in your home. Normally, it flushes only once as soon as you press the toilet handle. If you notice your toilet flushes itself a second time even with only one press, you might wonder, why does my toilet flush twice?

A double flushing toilet is one issue that should not be ignored, otherwise, it will not only stress you but leave you worried. So let’s get to know the basics of how a toilet works so that we’ll be able to deal with toilet problems when it occurs.

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How Your Toilet Works

Toilets have 2 main parts: a bowl and a tank that works in a simple mechanism. The tank contains water for flushing, so whether you did number one or number two, water in the tanks goes down into the bowl as you press the toilet handle when you flush. The toilet handle connects to a lever inside the tank which in turn attaches to the rubber flapper by a chain. This flapper lifts as you flush and water inside the tank rushes down through the tank’s seat into the bowl. 

Gravity will let waste and water get sucked down the drain and into your home’s main sewer line. After flushing, the fill valve located inside the tank will then start to refill the tank with water, so your toilet is ready for the next flush when someone uses it. 

These parts inside the toilet should always be in good working condition to have an efficient toilet  If any of these parts breaks or stops functioning correctly, problems may arise such as a toilet that flushes twice. 

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What causes my toilet to flush twice?

There are two common causes why your toilet flushes twice:

Toilet flapper staying up for too long.

Toilet flappers that stay for too long after the flush may probably be due to a generic or universal flapper that has been used instead of a particular brand similar to your toilet. Generic or universal flappers are usually lightweight that might not drop back into place right away after a flush. Since these types of flappers don’t have the same brand as your toilet, they may be unable to create a seal, allowing too much water to escape from the tank into the bowl, eventually forcing the toilet to flush for the second time. 

The water level inside the tank is too high. 

If you try to take your lid off your tank and notice that the water level inside the tank is too high, then it may indicate a toilet fill valve problem. A high water level inside the tank has similar issues when you have a  malfunctioning flapper during flushing. Excessive water will rush down into the bowl, creating a second flush. However, a low water level in the tank may result in a weak flush since there’s not enough water to flush everything in the toilet bowl. 

How Can I Fix My Toilet’s Double Flush?

To fix your toilet’s double flushing and to prevent this from happening in the future, here are some simple steps you can follow to maintain your toilet’s efficiency when flushing. 

  1. To fix a flapper that stays up too long: If you notice that your flapper doesn’t fit properly to the flush valve, you may want to consider replacing it. You can fix it yourself by following these steps:
  1. To fix a high water level inside the tank: 

Do I need a plumber to fix my toilet’s double flushing?

If you have the skills and knowledge to fix your toilet’s double flushing by yourself, then, by all means, do it. Otherwise, call a professional plumber for smarter and faster solutions. 

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