Your toilet is one household fixture that you always rely on and while it’s true that it is made to last, toilets are still prone to acting up now and then. So you might want to ask yourself, when should I repair my toilet?

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Here are the following possible issues that may happen to your toilet that needs repair. 

Your toilet bowl is overflowing. 

If you have a toilet bowl that overflows onto the bathroom floor, then the reason behind this is a clogged commode.   A clogged toilet will most likely occur if you flush objects that are not supposed to be flushed. For example, many of us would flush feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, cotton balls, and other paper products down the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, most of these objects do not dissolve in water, hence it creates a blockage. Always be aware of what goes into your toilet and avoid flushing any objects other than toilet paper. Though a clogged toilet can often be resolved by using a toilet plunger, if you want to skip the messy work of unclogging your toilet, you have the option to call a professional plumber.

Improper flushing due to a wiggly toilet handle.

Do you notice that even if you depress the toilet handle you can’t feel any resistance and the toilet fails to flush? This is likely due to a loose connection of the chain inside the tank. All types of toilet tanks possess a lift arm which is a thin metal or plastic rod and a rubber stopper at the bottom known as the “flapper”. The lift arm and the flapper is connected via a chain. Flushing will not occur if the chain is unhooked from the lift arm, since the flapper won’t lift to allow water to drain from the tank. A simple toilet repair will put your toilet back in proper working condition. 

Water running in the toilet.

You know when you have a running toilet if water from the tank is continuously running into the bowl. When this happens, a faulty flapper could be the culprit. A properly working flapper should be flexible and seals tightly in the drain, at the bottom of the tank. However, the rubber eventually hardens and the flapper won’t fit snugly into the drain as it should. A flapper replacement is the right choice for a toilet repair.

Presence of suction and gurgling noises from the toilet.

When you flush the toilet and hear any suction or gurgling sounds originating from the toilet, this may be due to a blockage in the drain vents. The reason why these noises appear is a consequence of the inability of sewer gases to escape through the vents and instead go through other fixtures. Call your professional plumber for inspection and possible toilet repair.

Metal parts of the toilet that begin to rust

Always take the time to check the toilet’s metal parts. You’ll know that a part is worn out if you see rust or signs of corrosion. To keep the rust from spreading throughout other components, call your plumber for a repair.

Toilet tank that has low water levels.

Normally, toilet tanks fill up completely after every flush. But if you notice a lower water level despite your tank being filled, then the problem might be arising from a leak somewhere. Before making any do-it-yourself repairs it’s a good idea that this issue should be dealt with by a professional.

The toilet is flushing all by itself

If you start to notice your toilet flushes even if no one is using it, the problem is caused by water leaking from the toilet tank into the bowl and if left infixed, you could waste around 200 gallons of water a day. If you don’t know how to fix this issue, contact your plumber immediately. 

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