Toilet Repair Port Richey, FL

Do you need toilet repair services in Port Richey, FL? Call us at United Plumbing & Drain and we can help. Our office is located at  9816 Island Harbor Dr, Port Richey, FL 34668. Our plumbing company with the help of our exceptional team of professional plumbers has been working endlessly to provide customers like you with top quality toilet repair for your Port Richey home.

toilet repair in port richey, FL

Port Richey Toilet Repair Experts

When you have toilet issues, only trust the Port Richey toilet repair experts of United Plumbing & Drain. Keep in mind when you should have a toilet repaired. Here are the following issues that you should know:

Overflowing toilet

The overflowing toilet onto the bathroom floor may be due to a clogged commode. Any clogs that happen may result from flushing objects that are not supposed to be flushed. Any objects other than toilet paper and human waste are not dissolved by water, hence it creates a blockage. To fix this problem, you may opt for a simple plunger or hire a professional.

Wiggly toilet handle

If you notice an absence of resistance when you press down the toilet handle, it means that there might be a loose connection of the chain inside your tank. That said, flushing will not occur unless a simple toilet repair is done tso your toilet can work efficiently. 

Water running in the toilet

Water running in the toilet means water running continuously in the bowl. This may be due to worn-out toilet parts, hence a toilet repair is a good idea to make your toilet hassle-free.

Suction and gurgling noises from the toilet

If you hear noises, this may come from blockages in the drain vents. When this happens call your professional plumber for inspection and toilet repair.

Rusting metal parts of the toilet

If you see signs of corrosion on some metal parts would suggest that you need a toilet repair

Low water levels in the toilet tank

When you have a low water level in your toilet tank it’s best that this issue should be handled by a professional and do toilet repair.

Toilet flushing by itself

A flushing toilet when no one is using it means there’s water leaking. This should be fixed as soon as possible to avoid wasting water and a sudden increase in your water bill. 

A double flushing toilet

A double flushing toilet may have some problems in the toilet parts or a high water level in the toilet tank. Call an expert who fixes this problem.

United Plumbing & Drain has an excellent team of toilet repair experts who can address your issue. Our office address is 9816 Island Harbor Dr, Port Richey, FL 34668. You can call us and our plumbers will come and visit your home right away and provide you a transparent and professional service at an affordable cost.

Toilet Replacement Service

For toilet replacement service, call us at United Plumbing & Drain and you can rest assured that all your toilet issues will be handled accurately and promptly. We have plumbers who are highly skilled and professional so you can feel comfortable and safe. 



At United Plumbing & Drain we’ll go out to your home or business, give you an exact quote and details as to what the job will include for a flat service fee of $79. However, this fee is waived if you decide to have us hired for the job!  

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